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Mommas, Inc.

Changing Lives, Building Futures, Giving Hope to over 675 Homeless Mothers and their babies in the Greater New York Area since 1986. Tax ID 11-2865518


MOMMAS HOUSE provides housing and support services to young mothers and their babies.  At MOMMAS House we seek to give the mother the opportunity to continue her education or vocational experience interrupted by pregnancy. With guidance and direction, the young mothers can learn to support themselves and their children independently. 

At Mommas House…

We believe that the gift of motherhood is remarkable yet challenging.

We believe in the innate capacity of a mother to love her child and through that love, overcome adversity.

We believe that a caring environment will help dispel fear and anxiety as the young mothers face childbirth, motherhood, and a future that looks so uncertain.

We believe that a completed education – be it a high school diploma, certification, or a college degree - builds self-confidence and the ability to obtain  sustainable employment.

We believe that providing  oppurtunities for personal growth  such as a parenting education program , life skills classes, supportive workshops such as financial literacy, budgeting, wenllness, nurtition and excersie help her to postiively manage daily living.

We beleive that on site child care for babies while the mother is reaching her personal and professional aspirations is vital to the development of the child and mother as well.

We believe that a dedicated staff that shares our vision and values are role models for the residents and for  the babies.    

We believe in continuing to provide guidance and encouragement after a young woman and her baby leave Mommas House.

We believe that when we support a mother, we can create better outcomes for her child, and by extension, stronger communities. 

We believe in a mother’s enduring love and  that a mother’s love is strong and unyielding.

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