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A Mom Who Was Always There

The last thing she said was she loved me and was proud of me. I will forever hear those words. 

I do not know how one person could define themselves as stronger than any other mom. Each mom has their own destiny, path in life, and struggles. However, I was blessed to know a very strong and special mom. 

I lost my grandmother, my rock, to Alzheimer's and dementia. It took over quickly and she was slipping away from us. Visiting her was extremely hard. Some days she did not know who I was and seemed scared. However, then there were some amazing days where she talked and talked and remembered everything. Those are the days I try to remember. 

One day when I was visiting her she told me things were looking up in my life. When I asked her to explain she proceeded to tell me that I was pregnant and it was twins. I just let her talk knowing it was not possible. I was told I could not have anymore children. But seeing her smile and so full of life was amazing. A few weeks later I went in for a check-up and oh my I was pregnant! I was in complete shock. The ultrasound showed a baby with a strong heart beat; everything looked great. 

I told my grandmother the good news but she wasn't having the best day. She did smile and asked, “Two babies?" I showed her the ultrasound picture and explained that it was just one. She got upset and insisted there were two. I just agreed. I wasn’t going to argue with her in her fragile state. 

At 24 weeks I headed to a routine ultrasound with my oldest daughter. While sitting there, my daughter and I chatted and giggled about what my grandmother had said.  The technician confirmed again that they saw only one baby and asked me if I wanted to know the sex. As she printed out the pictures of my little boy her jaw just about hit the floor and she starts to panic.

"No this can not be right, where did…?” She stopped and said she would be right back. I immediately began to panic that something was wrong with my little miracle boy.

My doctor came into the room and after what seemed like a million years he spoke. “Melissa, you are having twins!  A boy and girl.”  In complete shock I asked him a dozen times if he was sure. He showed me the screen and printed pictures for me. 

How did she know?!

The day arrived to tell my grandmother the good news but my grandfather warned me that she wasn’t doing well that day.  She wasn’t speaking or really responding to much of anything. I braced myself for the worst.

But as I walked into the room she lit up like the 4th of July and started talking  to me. Everyone (doctors, nurses and family) were shocked. I told her the good news and it made her so happy.  "See Melissa, I told you and you did not believe me!" She continued to talk and engage with all of us most of the afternoon until it was time to leave. I told her I would be back as soon as I could but I had to take it easy. She lived in another state and traveling was becoming difficult for me

She hugged me and told me she loved me.

My pregnancy was a rough one. Carrying two babies is not easy and I started to contract at 32 weeks. I was put on medication and modified bed rest so traveling was out of the question. I called my grandmother regularly. Some days she spoke...

I gave birth to my two miracle babies via C-Section.  Even though my grandmother was having trouble finding the words that day, she gave me comfort as I sat on the other end of the phone with her before surgery.

The day the babies and I were cleared to travel we immediately went to see their great grandparents. My grandmother was so excited, happy and clear thinking that day. She held the twins and talked to them. It was so beautiful to see them together. The facility she was in prepared dinner for all of us in their family room. We had a great time. My grandmother said she felt whole. The nurses and doctors were again in shock.  Just the day before she was almost lifeless; not eating or talking. 

Later that night, after she had her nightly routine, I went in to sit with her and read to her. I didn’t realize that as I read, she passed. She held on to see her great grandchild and to have us all together one last time. 

The last thing she said was she loved me and was proud of me. I will forever hear those words. 

So, with all this being said, my grandmother, who raised me, is Mom Strong and I am honoring her by telling this story to you. 



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