Help us find our new home

Mondays Dark is on a mission to secure a space to call home! We have structured a very exclusive donor program to allow us to reach our goal. We are looking for 250 patrons to help us raise at least $500,000 in the next two weeks.

Donation Tiers

No in-n-out

Leave that burger where it is! Join our party.

Donate $10

Starbucks fast

Go without your favorite drink for a few days!

Donate $25

The brown bag

Brown bag it for a few days

Donate $50

Cook at home

Don't do the trip to PT's! Stay in and let us use this to cook up the magic in our new home.

Donate $100

Netflix & chill

Your partner will love to snuggle instead of heading to the strip! Snuggle up and feel like a winner.

Donate $250

Founding Circle

Your name will be forever associated with The Space as a Founding Member. One seat in our main room and wall in our lobby will proudly display your name!

Donate $500

Founding Circle

Along with the perks of the $500 level, you will receive 1 night in The Space to use however you like! Consider this a donation rental! A crazy deal!

Donate $1,000

Founding Circle

Along with the perks for a $500 & $1000 give, you and a guest will receive a private concert in The Space with the strips finest. Including Dinner & Drinks.

Donate $5,000

Founding Circle

This is our Presenting Sponsor! Everything that passes through our doors will be because of you. Logo placement in our lobby and all marketing materials.

Donate $10,000

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