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Money to eat - Venezuelan Crisis

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The country at the present time lives a rather critical situation planned, which is characterized by the development of events where there are small civil marches charged with hate, backed by shock groups that perform daily terrorist actions and paid criminal gangs that are activated In Nights with the same fines These terrorist groups have the following characteristics: they are made up of the citizens of the interior, the marginal urban sectors, the psychologically conditioned to violence, many members are sociopaths or addicts, the appointment for the preparation of urban warfare (thanks to the training of Paramilitary and military retired from the extreme right), and the son paid by some ultra right political parties. With respect to terrorist actions, they are planned, they are developed in approximately 1% of the territory, mainly in the municipalities that control the right, in some isolated sectors, but in military places, government offices, shops, hospitals and other services The public. In the same way, the objective is fundamentally to prevent the daily activity of the population directly or indirectly through its diffusion at national level. Venezuela at the moment is prob one of the worst 3rd world country. Here you work 8 hours a day, prob 26 days per month to make 30$. That's the current salary, now, if you want to eat 3 times a day a whole month you have to spend about 250$ in food, now you're kinda getting my point. Alright, normally a family has 2 salaries, (mom and dad), that leaves us in 60$ a month, which still, is not enought. An average family takes 2 meals per day here, and if they take 3, they do it in a really really small portion of food in each one. Now, thats only food, but what if I get sick? Medicine is way too expensive too, and going to a hospital is like staying home but with more sick people, doctors take up to 5$ per consult, yeah it might seen like nothing to you, but remember that the salary here is 30$. Security... Well, the police, the guards, military, everyone can steal your things here, police are thieves with uniform, you can't go out with your phone here, theres a 80% chance that you'll come home without it. So basically, you can't go out, you barely eat and if you get really sick you're prob going to die due to the leaks of food, medicine and security. At the moment, I have no money to eat, neither does my family, due to the crisis I got fired and so did my dad, I'm trying to work online but internet doesn't help, I'll get a payment at the end of the month because I sold an account from a game, during the time we are going to start to sell clothes, but we have no money to invest either... so while we get the money, I was hoping to get a little help, to be honest I don't care about eating a lot or having a good meal, neither my parents, we only care about my little brother, so if someone can help, we'll appreciate it



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