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Memories should last - Save the brain

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Help save a memory........Maybe yours!

Pledge $10 dollars to this project and post a photo of one of your most cherished memories by joining the team.  Just because Alzheimers victims don't remember,  doesn't mean you don't.  And remember, we need to work together on this one or someday you may not know your own child's name.  


Chachas says: It is estimated that there are as many as 5.3 million Americans living with Alzeheimers.  By 2010, there will be nearly a half million new case of Alzheimer's each year and by 2050 there will be nearly a million new cases annually. 


My story: My father passed away last year.   He lived a great lfe and I'll remember him by the many happy moments we shared.  The last part of his life, he struggled with Alzheimer's.  Memory loss went quick or, so it seemed that way to me..  He forgot he smoked cigarettes - guess that was a benefit :)  But as his memory slipped, so did his personality.  Eventually, he had no words, no ability to communicate and no recognition of the people that loved him.  I think of him as a brave person to have experienced this what must have been a lonely journey.  I want to do my part to bring about change. What about you? Do you want to remember your first child or the day you first kissed your husband or wife. If so donate a dollar and a memory to the project.  You never know if you'll be next.

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease characterized by memory loss, language deterioration, impaired ability to mentally manipulate visual information, poor judgment, confusion, restlessness, and mood swings.

AD usually begins after age 65, but its onset may occur as early as age 40, appearing first as memory decline and, over several years, destroying cognition, personality, and ability to function. Confusion and restlessness may also occur. The type, severity, sequence, and progression of mental changes vary widely. However, there are some early-onset forms of the disease, usually linked to a specific gene defect, which may appear as early as age 30.


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