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Monocle Month

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BENEFITING: New Eyes for the Needy, Inc.


EVENT DATE: Jan 01, 2012

Troy Bedik


Mitchell G. wrote -

Monocle Month started, as so many things in my life do, as a joke that went too far, and then, as more things should, looped back around to become something good.

I foolishly mentioned to a friend that I would wear a monocle for a month if it was purchased for me, and said friend, understanding my offhand remark as the throwing down of a gauntlet, quickly raised a mob and, with a dollar here and a dollar there, purchased a monocle.

Rather than being shamed into looking like a robber baron for 30 days, I realized that if I had a few dozen friends who would pay to see me model eye-wear for a month, there might be a larger group of people who might be willing to, after they finished laughing at my ridiculous face with it’s ridiculous accouterment, take second and think about something more important. It may seem like there's a logical gap somewhere here, jumping from me wearing a monocle to us helping improve vision for those in need, but why get stuck on the little details?

I wear glasses. This month I’ll be forgoing my glasses when I’m wearing the monocle, but, luckily for me, I also have contact lenses and will not be walking around in a haze.

I understand how fortunate I am. I can’t imagine life without my corrected vision, but such a life is an unfortunate reality for millions in the United States and around the world.

The charity I’ve chosen to raise funds for this month is New Eyes for the Needy, an organization which, since their founding in 1932, has helped improve the vision of over 7,000,000 people in the U.S. and worldwide.

For about $60 they can provide a new pair of glasses to someone in need. I’ll be donating a pair of glasses to this wonderful organization, and if you’re enjoying the silliness here at Monocle Month, I hope that you’ll be kind enough to donate whatever you can to them as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy pictures and stories of me making more of a moron of myself (for good, for once) this month.

And hey, even if you think it's stupid, I hope you'll find it in yourself to donate something, and together maybe we can do some good.


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