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More Than Compassion seeks the daily flourishing of Guatemala’s most vulnerable through the love of Jesus.

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We serve the vulnerable of Guatemala so that together we may see the end of generational poverty pervasive throughout the country, engage a new generation of Guatemalans in education, arts, and practical job training, and witness the Truth in love so that the next generation of Guatemalan’s may lead their communities in unwavering faith of Jesus Christ.

Our work has grown to encompass three projects. Fundación Salvación is an orphanage of 130 kids ranging in age from 0-29 and is our primary work. Most of the children living in the orphanage have come from abusive backgrounds and many have been abandoned by their families. Through our child sponsorship program that was started in 2012, we are able to fund 90% of the running costs at the orphanage, including food, clothing, employee salaries, and utilities.

In 2013 we began educating the kids of Fundación Salvación at the School of Hope, a bilingual elementary school built to provide for the children of Fundación Salvación beyond their basic needs. With a complete knowledge of the English language, we hope to provide our children with a wider selection of jobs once they leave the orphanage, and the confidence of a skill that not many others possess.

In 2015 we assumed ownership of a women’s shelter called Daughters of Purpose. The shelter houses 40  adolescent aged girls, many of whom are pregnant. We envision this home to act as a transitional home for young adults, where we can teach them practical skills to use in their communities once them become adults.