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More time for Mr. Moore

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Jason Moore is a hardworking man just like so many others. He has achieved many things in his 33 years; he went to school, fell in love, built a family and began a career. Four years ago however, he hit a roadblock. After experiencing rapid growth in his hands and feet he went to the Dr. and was told that he had a large tumor in his pituitary. If left unchecked the tumor would proceed to grow and cause the pituitary gland to secrete excessive amounts of growth hormones which would affect his bones and organs and inevitably lead to death. He was scheduled for immediate surgery, the tumor was removed and the light at the end of the tunnel appeared. He spent the next few years working to support his family and pay off medical bills.
In late 2011 the Moore family made a move to Montana with prospects of a wonderful job for Jason and educational opportunities for his wife Andrea. Shortly after the move however, Jason began to notice his hands and feet aching again, the tumor had returned. He visited numerous specialists and was told that a second surgery was not an option due to scar tissue and the proximity of the tumor to his optic nerve. They opted for an aggressive radiation treatment plan. Through his treatment Jason was unable to work and the medical bills rapidly piled up.
The treatments helped to a degree but he continues to experience pain on a nearly daily basis. At this point he is unable to work and it is unclear when he will be able to do so. The remains of the tumor continue to cause the pituitary to function erratically which requires Jason to receive three injections each day to suppress the hormones. Unfortunately it seems these medications will be necessary indefinitely in order to allow his body to function and preserve his life. These medications along with his follow up care have created a financial burden that this family cannot overcome alone.
It is my hope that all who are able will to donate to help this family find relief from this incredible burden.



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Jessica is working on selecting a charity so you can support More time for Mr. Moore.