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Mormon Missionary Mobile App to Aid In Mission and Ward Family Data Tracking

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Missionaries have an absolutely daunting task. With a mobile app built right into their smart phones they will be able to keep notes on all families and contacts in their wards. When they relocate to a new ward, the missionaries replacing them can "step into their shoes" and with the push of a button see names, addresses, phone numbers, notes about needs, what lesson a ward resident is on, etc. etc. With full map integration, the app will literally know who's porch they are standing on, who to ask for, how to help, what lessons to share, and what their pre-baptism goals and progress are.

My family happens to be "Smiths", and the name came from my Grandfather on my mother's side. As a devout member of the LDS church, my grandmother likes to joke that once she saw his last name and genealogy, there was no choice BUT a trip to Temple for a marriage.

It is my love for my grandmother, who has been alone now for over 20 years and is of failing health, that has prompted me to build this tool. The missionaries have always been great at helping to get her to church, but with a high turnover rate, things slip through the cracks every time they move on and are replaced with someone new.

With a mobile app that is specifically designed for them to use as a tool to quickly connect with members of their new wards, new members will experience a more comfortable and streamlined teaching experience.

I currently have built a great little tool with my own ward in mind. I would love to scale it up and add more features and donate it royalty free to the church for all wards to use.

Funds will be used to cover actual expenses, purchase required hardware, provide data storage hosting, hire graphic artists, cover travel expenses to different Stakes to get input on the project requirements specific to their area, and market the app once completed to be sure that it is used, adopted, and understood by as many missionaries as possible.

Thank you for your consideration. If it is His plan, it shall be.



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