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Motiso Group, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a minority entrepreneurship development center for economically and socially disadvantaged leaders of small enterprises. Our missionis building the capacity of ethnic and women minorities and their organizations by delivering expert business services that are affordable and convenient.

We bring the best organizational resources to the small business environment to deliver performances that are competitive, forward thinking, and sustainable. Grants, donations, business alliances, volunteers, and investments enable us to offer low-cost technical assistance, training, and financial services that are high quality.

Our vision is that minority and women owned firms will grow faster and create more jobs. Our value proposition is that we innovate and create to deliver results for our clients that go beyond the expected measurement. We deliver “results beyond measure”.

Motiso Group was established in 2009, with a headquarter office in Fairfax, Virginia. Motiso operates in Virginia, District of Columbia, and Maryland.