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Creating a New Leash on Life Tax ID 47-4632211


Mountain Haven Animal Rescue and Support Services, Inc. is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating a new leash on life for homeless animals and those at risk through rescue, re-homing, spay/neuter, educational programs and surrender prevention services.  

Mountain Haven is a new animal rescue organization that is focused on creative solutions to enhance and preserve the lives of animals in need and at risk.  Through our surrender prevention services, we are able to reduce the amount of animals that would otherwise be surrendered to already over-burdened shelters where many fail to thrive and often face uncertain futures.  We believe that animals do best when they can remain in their  loving homes or be placed in new homes that offer them the love and care they so justly deserve.  Two programs we are currently focusing a great deal of energy on is the Mountain Haven Pet Food Pantry and our Foster Care Program for active military. Through our Pet Food Pantry we are able to assist pet owners who are experiencing temporary financial hardship to feed their pets. Quite often when faced with unexpected financial crisis, pet owners feel they have no choice but to surrender their beloved pets.  It is sad and disheartening to learn of the number of pets who have been surrendered to shelters for just this reason alone.  Our goal is to fill that bowl and keep pets in their loving homes.  

The Mountain Haven Foster Care Program for Active Military will be of service to those service men and women who have been called to duty and have no one to care for their pet(s) while they serve. As an alternative to surrendering the pets to a shelter, pets will be placed in loving and caring homes until the day they are reunited with their owners.   Peace of mind in knowing a pet is being cared for and provided for is the very least we can do for our members of the military.

For those animals that require rescue and rehoming..well, we choose a different approach, we feel sad momentarilly and then we roll up our sleeves and get to work on creating the new beginning these souls deserve.  

We choose to never focus on gloom and doom, but rather to think creatively to find solutions for the animals and to enhance and preserve their lives.  This is a huge investment measured in time as well as in dollars.  We rely on donations from individuals, grant funding whenever we are blessed to receive it, in kind donations and public outreach fundraising events. Creativity, collaboration with others and the love for animals is a powerful recipe that yields so much positivity and change, and for that we cannot thank our supporters enough.  Please consider becoming a team member of Mountain Haven by helping us to continue to offer innovative programs and solutions aimed at reducing the amount of animals surrendered to shelters and providing quality of life and new beginnings for animals in need and at risk.