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To provide a safe, loving home where young mothers can discover their strengths and their children can experience the joys of childhood Tax ID 81-0520628


Mountain Home Montana, a private, nonprofit organization in Missoula, MT, is the only supportive housing program for young mothers and children in western Montana. We received 111 referrals for pregnant or parenting young moms in crisis in 2013, and were able to serve 28 moms last year. There is a tremendous need in our community to help these women and children at risk as part of the fastest growing homeless population in the country.  Mountain Home is one of the limited resources providing critical services to this vulnerable population.

Our staff works collaboratively with young mothers between ages 16-24 in need of a safe place to raise their child and help them access the support and quality programs they need to become capable, independent moms. We strive to build trusting relationships with our families, partners and donors and experience a high program success rate.

We can't do what we do best without the help of local partners, volunteers, and supporters like you who generously donate their time, services, and support support to keep our programs thriving.

On behalf of all our moms, kids, staff, partners and supporters, we thank you for learning more about us and want you to know we appreciate all helping hands and hearts.

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