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CROWDRISE : Apr 16, 2012
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BASED: Northeast Hbr, ME, United States



Our Mission

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The Mount Desert Nursing Association is dedicated to serving the health care needs of the Town of Mount Desert’s year-round and summer residents.  Its skilled, caring nurses provide top quality health care to all ages without regard for ability to pay.  As a private, independent organization, the needs of the patient are always put first.  We receive no State or Federal funding--over 90 percent of our funding is from YOU!

MDNA does not accept insurance--our services, including our loan closet, are on a “donation only” basis and even our patients are on an affordable sliding scale fee system (from $0 to $75 per visit) and no one is denied services, regardless of ability to pay.  Many of our patients could not pay privately for the services we provide, and many of our services would not be covered by any form of insurance or Medicare/Medicaid because the patients are not “homebound” or have “acute care” needs as is required to be covered.  Without our services, many patients with chronic illnesses who may still require complicated care, and who need on-going RN visits for monitoring, management of care, support, teaching, and prevention would likely require assisted living or nursing home care.  Because of the care MDNA RNs provide, most patients can remain in their own homes, with a good quality of life. 

Your donations and support of the Mount Desert Nursing Association impacts, changes, and saves the lives of residents of the Town of Mount Desert.  Your gifts to MDNA provide support for:

♥ Visits by MDNA nurses to older residents, which allow Mount Desert seniors to
remain in their homes as long as possible as they age. Without the weekly visits of MDNA RN’s, a significant number of residents would need to move to assisted living apartments or nursing homes (a cost of $7,362 per month or $88,344 annually), or be at serious risk for harm or injury. 

♥ Access to an Island-wide Loan Closet of "re-used" durable medical equipment which, not only saves island residents the high purchasing cost but has also kept the equipment out of our landfills.


♥ Full nursing assessments and care management on clients of all ages who have
significant health problems; allowing intervention in the home before they
become medical crises.


♥ Constant updating of our own patient medication and medical information cards for use by emergency personnel, physicians, family members and other health care providers.


♥ The MDNA coordinates with hospitals to care for recovering patients after they
are discharged providing wound care; dressing changes and monitoring of healing; medication assessment and management; catheter insertion and care; nutrition evaluation and teaching; and blood draws for lab work.

♥ Referrals of residents to other agencies, care providers, and community resources to facilitate the best possible quality of life for all residents.


♥ Office visits for blood pressure checks, dressing changes, other minor care (splinter removal), answers to questions, family support, and teaching at no cost.


♥ New Mom/New Baby visits so that parents and families know they have
professional support in their community should they need it.

♥ Community forums, educational events, Flu Shot and other clinics and screenings to help all residents achieve and maintain the best possible health.

♥ Collaboration with Mount Desert Elementary School for programs of benefit to
school children.

Tax ID: 01-0211798 •


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