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Health, Hope and Healing through 48 Community-Based Pharmacies in Rural Vietnam

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  • Do you ever think about what you would do if you couldn’t find medical attention for your own child?
  • Have you ever thought about the helplessness you would feel if you could not obtain medical care for yourself or someone you loved because in your community it simply was not available?
  • Do you want to help others who are facing profound problems finding medicines that would cure them or their loved ones, or having their sick child see a doctor, but you don’t know how you can help?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, you will want to keep reading…

  • Imagine a place where few to no doctors or medicines are available.
  • Imagine a place where parents cannot clothe, educate or even feed their children, nor put a solid roof over their heads, and where people drink parasite-infested and/or contaminated water that is teeming with runoff from local factories.
  • Imagine families in desperate need of medical care who receive none because it is not available, as clinics and hopsitals are hours away and transportation is too costly.  
  • Imagine a place where just one hot, nutritious meal a day seems like abundance, and people suffer long, sleepless nights and the ache of empty stomachs.

This place exists. This is the plight of countless families in the rural Mekong Delta of Vietnam. But you can help change that. This is why we have created this campaign, Health, Hope and Healing through Community Based Pharmacies (HHHCBP)--a poverty relief project that provides a practical health solution to the daily challenges of life for the rural poor of Vietnam. HHHCBP is run by Somedco, the community relief arm of the Good News (Tinh Lanh) churches of Vietnam. It equips pharmacies that are based in churches, and which are located in rural communities, with a full stock of basic medicines and first-aid supplies, and also employs volunteer medical professionals and their assistants to do medical screenings and provide appropriate medications at no charge. We are a faith-based, Chrisitian ministry; however, our aid is available to the whole community, regardless of faith, background, or religion.

You can help the rural poor of South Vietnam get the medical attention and necessities they need to survive. The quality of life for these inhabitants will change if you support this sustainable solution. the medical care provided can lead to early detection of potentially life-threatening conditions, and provide the medical treatment so desperately needed for common diseases suffered by children and adults alike in this country. Under this campaign we can raise the money to begin 48 local pharmacies, adding to the over 1,000 already in successful operation, to serve the medical needs of some 5,000 children and 7,000 adults who will visit the pharmacies over one year.

The lives of the rural poor in South Vietnam are dependent on your help. Together, we can help create better lives for children and adults in these impoverished Vietnamese rural communities through medical care not available elsewhere. We are asking you to help fulfill their dreams, and impact the lives of countless many for years and even generations to come.   

Some Sobering Facts about Rural Vietnam

  • Though Vietnam has continued to develop and make progress in the past decades, rural areas have faced setbacks.  The issues in healthcare have particularly affected the poor in rural areas due to disproportionate population growth and other factors.
  • The poor are often deterred from facilities and often delay treatment because they are unable to pay for health services. They also have less access or make less use of government health facilities and will pay significantly more for treatment than those on higher socioeconomic levels. Studies have shown that the poor are forced into a ‘medical poverty trap’ in which the poor borrow money, sell their investments (i.e. livestock and other assets), and reduce their consumption of important necessities to purchase necessities, which includes health care. As a result, poor families fall into debt, and therefore they lack the resources to care for themselves. Our campaign aims to bring hope to people who may feel they are running out of options.

Families in the Mekong Delta in rural Vietnam often sleep on dirt floors and drink parasite-infested, contaminated water. The Mekong River and its many tributaries provide the only source of water for millions of such families, and due to increased industrialization and population growth, the river teems with pesticide runoff, feces from animal farms, industrial waste, and litter from passing ferries. The local people, who bathe in and cook with this water, suffer skin diseases, intestinal problems and other transmittable diseases. Diarrhea, worms, fever, rashes, infections and other illnesses are all too common, and can be life threatening. Although the Vietnamese health authority operates primary health establishments in resource-constrained settings, the establishments are not readily available for all people, particularly those living in sparsely populated areas. Often living a hand-to-mouth existence, most poor rural families must travel by foot or bicycle, making it difficult to get to a clinic or hospital. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals are few and far between, and patient loads are high. Sadly, many patients never get seen.

The goal of this campaign is to reach like-minded people for collaboration, raising money in support of the life-saving assistance Somedco is providing to improve the health and well-being of impoverished families in Vietnam’s Meking Delta.  We developed this campaign because we want you on our team! We are confident that we are onto a sustainable, successful solution, to help these communities out of poverty and into long-term health, happiness, and better well-being. We encourage you to spread the word about the campaign; the more like-minded individuals who come together to support this effort, the more successful its care and reach will be.

With a contribution of $50 or $100 or more, you can join us on this awesome journey. And why not let your friends in on this? Share this with them through word of mouth, emails and social media, and have them come on board as well. You are a world changer; why not start now?



This funding request covers the installation of 48 new medicine boxes, the purchase of medical equipment, and the cost of the first three months of medicines. The remaining nine months' supply of medicines for the first year of operation will be met by private donors through  fundraising efforts undertaken in the U.S.  Medicines and related equipment may seem basic to your everyday life, but to the rurla poor of vietnam, access to these will be life-changing, even beyond the tangible benefits, because it will afford them good health and well-being leading to pride and life satisfaction.

After the first year of operation, the medicines will be distributed to the sick at discounted prices, and these funds along with Sunday offerings received from the church will be used to replenish the cabinets. This means our model is replicable and self-sustaining; it has worked well in the 100 church mini-pharmacies already installed throughout the region and in operation since 2007.

How We'll Use the Funds

We need $5,800 to purchase medicine cabinets, furniture, medical health screening and other equipment, three months' supply of medicines for the first year of operation, and technical assistance which includes accounting fees, program monitoring fees, and administrative/ reporting services.  

Phenomenal Project Partners

We could not do this without partnership. The team consists of:

  • Cross International (CI) in Pompano Beach, FL;
  • Somedco, or Socio Medical Committee, the community service arm of the Tinh; Lanh (Good News) Churches of Vietnam;
  • And You!

Other Ways to Help

Yes, we need your funding supprt, but just as importantly, the campaign needs your attention and interest! If you love this campaign effort as much as we do, please take a moment to click on one of our social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) at the bottom of the page. Help us spread the word and get this campaign funded. And there are plenty of other ways to help, too!

Teach Someone Else About this Issue

Each one, teach one. At its core, this campaign is about helping people who live in dire conditions and desperately need help to improve their health coutomces and ultimately their lives. Are you a teacher? A Pastor? A camp counselor? If you are in a position to teach someone else about this problem and improve awareness, do it! You are contributing to this campaign by passing on awareness of the plight of people who desperately need our help.

Spread the Word

You can contribute to this campaign by simply telling your friends and family about our effort.   The success of any campaign correlates with the number of people who view this page. If you increase that number, you are making a tangible contribution to the mission, and improving your popularity too!


Your generosity and support could make all the difference in the fruition of Health, Hope and Healing through 48 Community-Based Pharmacies in Rural Vietnam. Click ehre to make a donation.

Old School?  No Problem!

For those of you who don't like making donations over the Internet, please feel free to contact me via email: and I will provide you with a mailing address to which you can send a check or money order. We will post your contribution on the campaign with your name.  

You do not have to have a PayPal account.  Credit cards and debit cards are accepted. Please help spread the word!

Final Thank You and Links

We are grateful that you have taken the time to read our campaign, and to those who have contributed what they could to help us spread the word and make a difference. We have spent many months working hard to bring our vision to life through this campaign, and the aid provided by generous supporters like you makes it worth every minute... Your efforts, even the smallest ones, don’t go unnoticed. We will continue to keep you posted on what your donation helped us achieve. You are part of our family.

If you wish to contact us:

Our website:

Our Social Media Connections:



Contact Information

Name: Barbara Vega

Phone Number: (954) 657-9000

E Mail:

If you have thoughts or would like to discuss this campaign, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at the email above.



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