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Moving to Get Out of Poverty.

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My year and a half son, Everett, my partner of 3 years (hopefully forever) Maurice, and I (Nicole/Elle) are living in a house above our means. We moved here in a panic when I was 8 some months along with our son and jumped on the first house that signed the papers.
Maurice works 50+ hours a week. He bikes home every night on the frozen streets at 7-8pm at night M-F, exhausted.
We both are exhausted. There are so many bills to pay, debts to catch up on, debt-collectors always calling. Our rent and utilities alone make up half of our income, and we have a toddler to take care of on top of that.
We have been at least $300 in debt every month since we moved here, and have zero savings. Nothing to fall back on.
This is where YOU, my friends, my family, my saviors -- come in.
If we move into a new duplex village area where my friend and her young children live, we will pay $780, utilities included. Right now we pay $1,000 rent, $500-600 in utilities.
To move, with no savings (and no last month's rent secured), we would need:
A storage unit for 2 months: $100
Last month's rent here: $1,000
Application fees: $70
New place- $780 first month's rent, plus security deposit ($780), and carpet deposit $125
All above, not including moving costs, is $2,855.
How can we move if we cannot save?? It is impossible to save when we live as thrifty as possible and barely make it each month, on a generous salary.
Please please PLEASE help my baby, my partner and me start fresh, and start a savings account for emergencies, for vacations, for college, for car repairs....hell, for dog food at the end of the month if we need it!
Because right now, as of today, we have $35 for the rest of the month and diapers and gas are dwindling.

To friends and family,
You KNOW I would do this for you. Every dollar helps us get closer to being in the green again, and not having to worry at the end of every month how we are going to buy diapers, food, or gas.
Thank you for your help. I cannot say in words what your actions mean to me.



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