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Moving Upward, Inc.

Helping homeless /near homeless Veterans get back on their feet with emergency/bridge housing with an end goal of permanent housing.

Tax ID 82-2145280


This organization has been formed to educate the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community and to provide relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged. In furtherance of our purposes, procuring residential properties that allow us to house educate and motivate homeless veterans and individuals to become self-sufficient and transition into permanent housing is a focus.  This activity will be conducted on a year-round basis. 

The need for beds for homeless Veterans in St. Louis is tremendous.  The largest, longest running non-publicly funded homeless shelter in St. Louis was forced to close its doors April 1, 2017, adding to an already urgent crisis.  Rev. Larry Rice’s New Life Evangelistic Center (NLEC) would easily shelter upwards of 200 people per night—roughly 20-40% would be homeless Veterans.  Since NLEC closed, St. Louis city has seen an average of 40 women at the 12th and Park Recreation Center and between 70 and 80 men occupying the shelter inside the St. Louis Department of Forestry’s garage; with Veterans being well represented in these numbers.

Our organization is focused on Implementing the Veteran Administration's Homeless Provider Grant Per Diem Program ("GDP"), while partnering with St Patrick Center, a Veteran Administration/HUD grant recipient in St. Louis who has served the homeless for 40 years and operates Project HERO (Housing, Employment & Recovery Opportunities), a program that helps homeless Veterans get back on their feet.  Veterans get their own apartment and pay one-third of their income toward rent.  In the wake of the NLEC crisis there is great anticipation of our capacity to supply 6 beds (at minimum, with support services) that can be used in conjunction with Project HERO for homeless/near homeless Veterans under the GPD program.