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CROWDRISE : Sep 06, 2010
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Mpala is a vast ranch in the heart of Laikipia, a high plateau with Mt. Kenya dominating the background. Mpala’s 48,000 acres support an international wildlife research centre, a working cattle ranch and wildlife conservancy. Based on the mix, it’s not surprising that Mpala’s mission is focused on sustainable human-wildlife co-existence. Our efforts are invested in finding solutions that benefit nature and human welfare simultaneously.

We use scientific research, education and outreach to achieve our mission. Research helps develop solutions to guide our conservation actions, education promotes human livelihoods and improved welfare and outreach helps spread the word. We work hand-in-hand with our neighbors to promote conservation and minimize human-wildlife conflict.

Mpala is home to large herds of E. Africa’s classic wildlife, including elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, impala, and highly endangered species like the African wild dog and Grevy’s zebra. Because we leave our boundaries unfenced and are flanked by conservation-minded neighbors – including Maasai and Samburu pastoralists, private ranchers and conservancy owners - these animals move unfettered and in relative safety across the landscape.

The Mpala Research Centre is a hub for biological field research. People come from Kenya and around the world to study plants, wildlife, livestock, people, land restoration practices, and the relationships among them. Local community members are hired as research assistants or scouts on each project, which helps our neighbors share in our mission.

Because the majority of our employees live on the ranch with their families, Mpala puts resources towards a primary school and a medical clinic. Although the primary school only runs through class five, we do our best to ensure that the brightest children finish primary and secondary school by providing scholarships. The clinic serves our staff and reaches out to the community areas that lack access to medicine. We supervise conservation clubs, an afterschool program at five neighboring primary schools, to help children learn more about world around them.

We need your help to continue our conservation efforts. Your donations go towards a unique social experiment where elephants, leopards, hippos, zebras, antelopes, and a host of other wildlife share the land with traditional Maasai and Samburu pastoralists, commercial ranchers, and others engaged in a wide variety of livelihoods.

Asante sana!

Tax ID: 52-1656147 •


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