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Megan Stone

Megan Stone
Chandler, AZ United States
Stuff About Me:

My name is Megan. I have been in my broken marriage for 15 years now and I desperately need out.  I have 2 beautiful daughters who mean the world to me but unfortunately I have forever tarnished what a "marriage" should look, feel, and sound like to my daughters.  My husband and I did not provide a good representation of what a man and a woman unconditionally loving eachother should look like for them.  As for my professional life, I hold multiple advanced degrees, however, I have pretty much been a stay at home mom since 2007.  This is mostly because I have had to deal with a bunch of health crises our family has endured over 15 years and any other crises that came up over the course of 15 years, so my career has always taken a back burner to my husbands.

Even though my husband and I have always made pretty "decent" (and by decent I mean decent, middle-income decent) money that we have been able to survive off and raise two kids with, we always struggled with money and with surviving financially.  We've always worked hard, we took out student loans to pursue higher education, and we did everything we could to give our daughters a wonderful life. However, we've just never been able to jump up to the next rung on the money ladder.

We also, unfortunately, never focused on our relationship very much either. He is a man of very few words, which makes it very hard to "talk through" our financial issues and come up with a plan to come out ahead. We don't even talk about our relationship with eachother either - at least not how to fix it.  

So, what is my problem you ask? Why am I here asking for money?  Well, I want to get a divorce.  I want to take my two daughters out of this terrible, broken, toxic relationship we call a "marriage" and start over.  I don't want to take them away from their father - because even though we have a marriage that doesn't work - it doesn't mean our family doesn't work.  My husband loves his daughters, my daughters love their father, we all love eachother.  My husband and I just can't get along and we can't get this marriage to work right.  And my children are suffering for it.  

I have no money and no savings at my disposal to file for a divorce, to find a new place of my own and no money to help support us once we separate from their father (and neither does he!). We (he) makes just enough money to pay our bills and thats it - theres not a single dime extra left over.  Furthermore, I come from a family line that does not have substantial money either - to where they could lend us money and/or help us financially to split our households. I have no income right now because I am unemployed, so this is making this transition even harder than normal. Also, we just relocated to Arizona where we have no family and no friends.  After a year of settling here in Arizona, my chidlren finally made friends and finally like their schools! I do not want to move them again! I could move them up to Las Vegas where my mom and dad is but they don't want to move there! I would like to keep them in their schools and near their father.

So, I would like to reach out and ask people to please help me raise money so that I can get out of this relationship. As soon as I can get my divorce filed, and I can get moved into a new apartment, file for alimony and/or state assistance and/or medicaid and/or WIC, I can then focus on finding work in my field again.  It is so extremely difficult job hunting when there is fighting, screaming, crying, stress, and fear swirling around you on a daily basis.  

Finally, after I get myself situated - I want to start a charity and website that offers help, resources, information and money to help other women - low-income or middle-income women - in my same situation.  


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