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Morning Star Community Development Corporation Inc

To improve lives through by administering social, health, cultural and education enrichment programs. Tax ID 22-3833499


Morning Star Community Development Urban Renewal Corporation (MSCDURC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation  touches the lives of countless individuals and families in the State of New Jersey.  Formed in 2000, MSCDURC undertakes economic development projects, as well as help administer social, health, cultural and education enrichment programs. It partners with government and private entities to help redevelop communities and offer services available to individuals and families.

MSCDURC has demonstrated its commitment to community excellence by sponsoring a number of on-going programs and events designed to meet the needs of the community. These programs, which have been met with great success and participation by community, have been fashioned over the years to enhance the opportunity for building relationships between people of all cultural distinctions.  Various professional and private organizations/corporations participate/partner with our events. Forums for family development and economic advancement, as well as a host of other activities, foster community awareness.

At present, MSCDURC has many programs receiving and seeking funding:

► The Center for Employment, Education and Training, which received a $65,000 technical grant continues to help many employed and unemployed citizens find careers through job training and placement through the use of its learning center.

► The Constine Evans Scholarship Program, which sponsors annual college fairs and tours, partners with the Princeton Review to allow our up and coming generation an opportunity to become familiar with the new SAT by allowing them to take practice exams. This program also provides annual financial scholarships to eligible candidates from fundraising efforts and donations.

► Health and Wellness Program designed to help our citizens live longer and healthier lives by sponsoring health fairs and workshops.

► Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen serves approximately 300 people per week. All meals are free and all are welcome. Every Friday evening, a meal and snacks are prepared for the youth, which consists of approximately 160 youth, ages 5-18.

► A Recovery Program for those aspiring to move past problems related to any addiction.

► A Seniors Program which provides transportation, seminars, and recreational activities, promoting healthy, social interaction among the elderly.

► Operation Warm Heart provides overnight shelter and a hot meal to the homeless population when temperatures are life threatening.