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Ingrid Wisniewski's Fundraiser:

Ms. Little Black Kitty and the Fairy Godmother

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Ingrid Wisniewski


I have no name yet but I badly need more than one fairy godmother.  Will you please be mine???  I would also like some godfathers - I hear they are awesome!  I will be immensely grateful for a small donation to Cat Depot!

They call me Ms. Little Black Kitty.  A short while ago, I still was a kitten myself.  I lived on Longboat Key, a barrier island in Florida, and I had a person in my life.  Eventually, my person's visit in paradise came to an end, and the person decided I was not wanted wherever they were going, so they left and put me outside to fend for myself.  I tried to befriend a strong and fearless feral cat in the neighborhood, but alas, he was interested in only one thing.

I had not had to hunt for my own food so I scavenged as best as I could, but Iwas not all that good at it.  Even though I did not trust persons much anymore, I tried to see occasionally if there was someone who would take their garbage out and drop something for me.  I found a house nearby where people talked nicely to me when I was not able to disappear in the bushes fast enough.  They were kind and left some food outside for me.  At first, I was not sure that everything was on the up and up but they did not crowd me so I felt more and more comfortable and looked forward to getting my meals there.

One lady was especially nice, and sometimes she let me come in the house, inch by inch, for short periods of time, to eat, so the big feral boy cat would not bully me and chase me from the dish, or when it was thundering and lightning badly.  She told me that she liked me a lot but that she had really bad kitty allergies - she had had a kitty many years ago for 18 years, but had to take medication all the time.  I would lie by her feet for a little while when she told me these stories but then I would run back out again.  I did not want her to get hurt since she had had cancer last year and had to be careful with her lungs.

One day the lady told me that we had to go for a ride because my tummy had been getting bigger and bigger and she said to me:  "Little Ms. Kitty, you will need to go to the Cat Depot because we cannot start a feral colony out here.  That would not be a good thing for you as it would scare you very much, and the persons in the neighborhood would become a lot less friendly.  I would so love to keep you but it would be dangerous for my health.  I will try to be your fairy godmother, though, and make sure you find a loving home."

So she and another really sweet lady from the neighborhood scooped me up and put me in a really posh cat-house and then in a car.  I was terribly frightened and cried a lot.  My fairy godmother kept talking to me softly and sweetly, telling me that soon all would be well.  We went to the Cat Depot but there are so many abandoned kitties that there was no room at the inn.  I was out of my wits with fright.  I had heard that the only other place where they could not turn me away was a place where they "humanely destroyed" little kitties like me if nobody wanted or could keep them.  That did not sound good to me because my experience with persons had had its ups and downs, and it did not sound as if there was anything humane about being destroyed.  It sounded ominous.

There was, however, a nice person at Cat Depot by the name of Constance - isn't that a pretty name - and she told my fairy godmother that with the help of her friend, a foster care coordinator, she would find a temporary home for me until there would be room for me at her place.  And she did!  And I was so happy!

And then, I was just getting settled in, all of a sudden, seven little baby kitties came out of my tummy.  It appears the big bad feral boy cat had deposited them there.   He did not have my permission to do that!!!  Now I am all worried again.  My fairy godmother and some of her close friends made donations on my behalf to take care of my expenses and adoption fees so it would be easier for me to find a person who would permanently love me, and I could follow them around like a little puppy dog and lie by their feet and look at them adoringly which is what I so like to do.  But now there are my sweet seven babies right here...


And, of course, thousands and thousands more out there...  I deeply wish that they, too,  would get a chance to come to Cat Depot in Sarasota for adoption, get vaccinated and spayed, and have a chance to live their seven kitty lives with a wonderful person.  Maybe we can even help make Cat Depot bigger so more of us can make someone like you happy!!!  Won't you please help???

P.S.  And if you don't like kitties, please give a dollar or two anyway - it'll keep us of the streets and out of your way! :-)



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Ms. Kitty

Ms. Kitty


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