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Angela Bakas wrote -

Alright y'all, I'm at it again! In November of 2017, I will be summiting Australia's tallest mountain, Mt. Kosciuszko. Though controversial and very easy, this peak is still considered one of the Seven Summits. New Guinea’s Carstensz Pyramid is a much taller, more challenging peak that many consider a competitor in the Seven Summits list. But if I asked you to name the seven continents, you'd say Australia, not Oceania, so I'm going to count Mt. Kosciuszko and I'm going to count it hard, in support of Big City Mountaineers. 

Big City Mountaineers is the nation’s leading wilderness mentoring organization, providing close to 1,000 under-served urban youths per year the opportunity to go on backcountry expeditions. These experiences help kids build self esteem, decision making skills, responsibility, leadership, sense of self, confidence and a connection to the outdoors. Aka, BCM rocks. 

 In 2013 into 2014, I took on the challenge of raising $8500 for the organization, their fundraising program called Summit for Someone, with the hopes of summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro if I met the goal. In the end, I raised almost $10,000 for BCM and was the first female to reach the top of Kili on the day I climbed. 

Years later, I'm chasing another one. I believe that we have to teach our youth, the underserved, the minorities, the immigrants, and the refugees (aka OUR FUTURE GENERATION) that their voices matter. We have to show them they are strong and they matter. We have to raise our kids to love our planet and to take care of it better than we have. We have to do it and Big City Mountaineers is my way to do it. 

Help me reach my goal of $2,228 (Mt. Kosci is 2,228 meters tall) and give underserved youth the opportunity to know what it's like to conquer a mountain, better preparing them to take on the real mountains of life. 

"If you're losing hope, you're not doing enough." 

(All money raised goes directly to BCM - it in no way supports or pays for my trip/climb, so donate. It's legit.)

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