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Mt. Hood: SFS 2018

Mt. Hood: SFS 2018 Photo

The Story

About the Climb:

Mount Hood is among the most-climbed glaciated peaks in North America, and for good reason. You’ll recognize Hood: its distinctive cone shape, along with the gorgeous Timberline Lodge at its base, appeared in Stanley Kubric’s classic film The Shining. Unlike many of its Pacific Northwest neighbors, this 11,239-foot dormant stratovolcano—which, on a clear day, is visible from up to 100 miles away—is a reasonable single-day climb. Thanks to its easy approach and relatively low elevation, it’s an ideal destination for those looking to gain glacier travel experience in a less committed setting than many of the other Cascade Volcanoes.

  • Minimum climbers needed: 8
  • Pledge Requirement: $3,000 (no registration fee)
  • Skill Level: Beginner 


About Summit for Someone:

Every year, Summit for Someone climbers make it possible for under-resourced youth to participate in wilderness trips—by climbing breathtaking mountains around the world. The vital funding SFS climbers raise creates opportunities for Big City Mountaineers to deliver transformational wilderness mentoring expeditions to urban youth across the country in need of positive adult guidance, all in challenging and restorative environments.

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