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Making waves with muay thai

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EVENT DATE: Jun 01, 2013

sangwon lee


Jessica Boyd wrote -


For the first time ever, Catalyst Foundation Vietnam and Dragon Muay Thai Gym, Phuket, Thailand will be collaborating to bring an innovative self-defence workshop to the Rach Gia community.

In this village where little girls keep disappearing, and children have to be taught how to scream, something MUST be done.

Children are constantly at risk of being raped, sold and trafficked. Sometimes they are sold by their parents, or simply just taken. This is abuse. This is illegal. So why is it still happening? Those most targeted are girls as young as 6, but no one is safe at any age.

In the West we are taught that if a strange man tries to grab you, and do who knows what else, then you scream bloody murder and kick him in that sweet spot. In Vietnam, in the same situation, you submit whilst silently sobbing.

These children spend their childhood servicing sometimes up to 20 men in one day. The wounds these girls so bravely carry are both internal and external. They suffer irreparable abuse both physically and mentally from the moment they are sold as a consumable item.


Not only will we be empowering these girls, but also we will teach invaluable self-defence skills to the staff and community members, who will be able to continue this teaching and incorporate it into the community education,so that everyone is constantly re-enforcing, the survival skills they have learnt. It is our intention to bring this self-defence (in the form of basic Muay Thai) workshop back to Rach Gia annually, budget permitting. 

So, NOW is the time to empower the women and girls with self-defence, not only to give them a voice, but a scream, a shout and a damn good right hook. Teaching them basic Muay Thai will strengthen the girls’ sense of security and confidence. This combined sense of power in body and education WILL help keep them safe.

To make this possible, we need to raise $4,000. The Money will go towards:

·         Much needed funding for the community education program

·         Translator for self-defence workshop

·         200 waterproof and indestructible safety whistles

·         Muay Thai trainers' expenses

·         Self-defence equipment for the community education program

·          Prizes, treats and presents within the self-defence workshop

 ·         Building as many houses as possible for the 500 families that have applied to our community

We are lucky enough to be working with a highly professional Muay Thai trainer, Danai Yotakong, from the famous Dragon Muay Thai Gym. His credentials are:

- Started training at 6, first fight at 7

- 23 years experience

- 350+ fights

- Trainer for 5 years

The Team: $1,762 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Jessica Boyd

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44% Raised of $4,000 Goal

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