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Much Love Animal Rescue

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Look, guys, true story: dogs = awesome. A dog being euthanized at the shelter? Clearly not awesome. About as far away from awesome as one can get. So what can YOU do about it? Get behind some of the amazing organizations out there who are doing what they can to tirelessly decrease the statistic of the number of animals being euthanized in shelters.

The organization I support is Much Love Animal Rescue. Much Love's focus is finding safe, loving homes for unwanted, neglected and/or abused animals. They rescue dogs and cats from Los Angeles area shelters who could be loving pets, but are about to be put to sleep due to overcrowding, illness or disease. They then work to find these animals the loving homes they deserve through mobile adoptions and their website.

Support Much Love Animal Rescue by making a donation! Even the smallest donations make a difference!

$10 will pay for 5 of their dogs to eat for a day

$25 will microchip 1 of their animals

$50 will pay for an exam and vaccinations for a dog or cat

$100 will spay or neuter (so important!!) 1 of their animals

$200 can provide bottle feedings and TLC for a litter of kittens

$500 is enough to save 10 dogs from the misery of life in a puppy mill

Even if you can't donate, help support Much Love by friending them on Crowdrise, on Facebook, following them on Twitter (@much_love), and passing along the info to your network! Or start your own Crowdrise project for them! If you're in the L.A. area, Much Love is always looking for volunteers who can work the mobile adoptions and help transport the animals to/from the adoptions! Much Love is also always looking for great foster homes for the dogs & cats while we try to find them a forever home!

Anything you can do to help is appreciated! Visit for more info!


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