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Nothing makes the world shine ​as brightly as a smile on a child’s face. Tax ID 46-1000033


Nothing makes the world shine​as brightly as a smile on a child’s face. Sometimes, however, that smile is a little harder to find, a little harder to express. ​

Muddy Smiles is an organization devoted to helping every child find and show off that sunny smile that is, at times, hidden behind a cleft lip or palate, the pain of being bullied, or some other hardship. We raise awareness through our participation in obstacle races known as Mud Runs, hence the moniker: Muddy Smiles, as well as marathons and other athletic competitions such as crossfit. We race and compete to raise money to help organizations that directly address the medical and social issues which affect children’s ability to smile, feel and express joy, and feel positive about themselves and the world around them.

Through organizations like Operation Smile, to whom majority of our proceeds will go to, $240 is all it costs for a life changing surgery.This is what makes our cause so incredible. Knowing that changing a life is easily in our reach. That the creation of a new smile is right there waiting for us at the finish line of every race. That’s it, just $240.00.

Our proceeds go to other organizations like operation smile, smile train, and local hospitals such as miami childrens hospital.

For more information on Cleft lip and palette visit:​