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samia SAYS:
good luck Mujde , you re doi…
good luck Mujde , you re doing it all ! being healthy fit pretty and now running for the marathon :) best of luck keep me posted with how it goes xxx
6 years ago
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Ondrej SAYS:
I just like her way.
I just like her way.
6 years ago
Javier SAYS:
Fuerza Amiga Mujde... Saludo…
Fuerza Amiga Mujde...
Saludos desde Chile.


The best regards for you Mujde...
Kisses from Chile.
6 years ago
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Mujde Gunduz
Mujde Gunduz
Istanbul, Turkey
Stuff About Me:

Here is my story:

The profile picture you see on the left is from my first marathon. I set myself “a gift” last year, my first marathon, on my birthday, September 25, 2011, in Berlin. I had not run before setting a goal of running a marathon. What thrilled me about a marathon beyond the determination and dedication part is its “humanistic” level. You would see anyone from the planet, from any background, settling at a very humanly, tolerant and supportive behavior when it comes to running or talking about running marathons. On the course it gets even better! Everybody roots for only one single goal “the finish line”! And basically you want everyone on the course to achieve that goal not only yourself. AND that’s BEAUTIFUL! I see marathons as human equalizers with no borders, religions or ethnicities. All those factors are only enrichers rather than barriers. It is one of those occasions where utopia meets real life.

How did I end up here? I was lucky to encounter with Adım Adım, the collective fundraising running team of Turkey, simultaneously with my attempt in running a marathon. I learned that I can challenge myself even for a better cause.  I ran my second marathon in Seattle (June 2012) and was enrolled for my third to be in Istanbul on Nov 11 , 2012. Until... I saw Edward Norton’s tweet about available spots for his fundraising team for Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. Absurd? Yes, I know! :-)

Okay, besides the thrill of being connected with Norton’s team – I thought that would be the perfect occasion to prove the borderlessness of running a marathon – Living in Istanbul, running a marathon in New York, raising fund for Maasai in Kenya, with a gifted actor’s running team. Running at the heart of capitalism for the protection of a tribe whose members are capable to farm in deserts and scrublands. Any amount you contribute into this initiative from any part of the world will have much more than figures of dollar impact; it will have geometric impact on emotions, thoughts and hopes for future and the universal community.  

Sincere thanks for your support! Asche`oleing! (Maa for thanks a lot!)

Please see the details of the impact of your donations for Maasai:




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