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Mulberry Tree Group Inc

The Mulberry Tree Group is Non-Profit Arts organization all about changing the conversation from one of silence to one that is candid. This change comes about through Art and Performance in a multitude of mediums Tax ID 47-2618965


We are moving forward at a tremendous pace.  In the last year we've put some of the finishing touches on "Candy Hearts" the first musical about domestic violence to hit a main-stage in NYC and it is soon to be published by Cabin Summer Editions. 

We have completed yet another episdoe of "Hot Flash The Chronicles of Lara Tate Menopausal Superhero"

Girls Aloud!  Is an interview series profiling women behind the scenes in the media.  The purpose of which is to inspire motivate and supprt young girls and women seekign non-traditonal media jobs and education.

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Daniel Woodburn - Executive Director

Amy Buchwald - President