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CROWDRISE : Apr 07, 2014
Tax ID: 16-1560911
BASED: Utica, NY, United States


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The Multicultural Association of Medical/Legal Interpreters of Central New York, Inc. ("MAMI" or “MAMI Interpreters”) is a non-profit corporation with the mission to ensure equal access to services for limited English proficient people (LEP) by providing highly skilled language and cultural aid.


As of 2012, MAMI had established three offices spanning 150 miles along the NYS Thruway Corridor, from Syracuse, to Utica and Albany.  Starting with its incorporation in 1998, MAMI has brought trained language services to areas of heavy refugee resettlement in Upstate New York.  Opening in Utica with about 15 trained interpreters speaking 4 different languages additional to English (Bosnian, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese), MAMI now has 3 offices and about 200 MAMI-trained interpreters speaking over 55 languages. To meet the need as expressed to us by various service providers, we answered requests to open additional offices in Syracuse (2006) and Albany (2011).  MAMI trains all of its own interpreters, as well as interpreters for other local organizations who recognize the quality of our program.  To its original medical focus, MAMI has added courts, domestic violence, child protective, law enforcement, schools, and social services.  Now MAMI offers language access in a range of settings – true community interpreters.  MAMI has a 24/7 interpreter dispatch program, so its interpreters are always available.  


Unlike most organizations offering interpreters in the current, unregulated environment, MAMI trains all of its interpreters as indicated in the “highly skilled” of our mission.  Our Director served for 12 years on the board of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care; our Training Supervisor assists the Certification Commission for Health Care Interpreters in developing and grading exams.  MAMI provides continuing education for its interpreters, legal and medical practitioners, and for refugees and immigrants seeking to become productive members of their new country.

Tax ID: 16-1560911 •


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