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CROWDRISE : May 17, 2016
Tax ID: 47-4759857
BASED: Norwalk, CT, United States


To Help Build Bridges

Mu'min's vision lays in a hope for a brighter future by fulfilling acute needs of vulnerable layers of our society.

We are mainly Countrymen who have witnessed first hand our children’s exposure to poverty, abuse and exploitation. Along with other kind hearted volunteers, we are committed to stand up for the rights of the most vulnerable layer of our society. After helping with the satisfaction of their basic physiological needs, we will strive to introduce primary school education so our children can benefit from this fundamental human right in today interdependent world. Your support along with dedication and prayers will help reshape Miming Children’s lives one child at the time.

Mu’Min Foundation™ is committed to saving Senegalese Children from forced labor and mendicancy. Help provide meals in Madrasas to keep the children off the streets, Help provide basic necessities {food, clothing, shoes, medicine etc…} Mobilize human, financial and political resources for strategic subsidies, Ensure that our children are provided with primary school education, seek religious leaders support for paradigm change in Madrasas, raise awareness community accountability.

Our goal is to be a contributing entity by errecting places of worship, promoting well being and education,  aleviating poverty and overall raise consciousness of moral rights and obligations with ALLAH's loving guidance.

Tax ID: 47-4759857 •


Help Feed 300 Children in Senegal Every Day for a Year!

Help Feed 300 Children in Se…

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3% Raised of $86,400 Goal