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Chukwuma Uzoegwu


While Homer may claim that the Trojans lost to the Greeks in the Odyssey because of the death of Hector (and the wrath of a handful of gods) we know the real story: it was a failure of diplomacy. After all, you can’t just steal a guy’s wife, force him to cross half of the Mediterranean, refuse him at the door and then expect things to be amicable. No sir, there were a few lines of protocol breached that should have been common sense to Paris and co.

And while it may be too late to save Ancient Troy, you can certainly help make sure today’s modern Trojans are equipped with the skills to defuse the next great war (or at least negotiate a few business deals). The Model United Nations Club at the University of Southern California is hosting its first-ever intercollegiate competition, where students can debate and lobby on a variety of topics ranging from the recent Egyptian coup d'état to Game of Thrones. Throughout this experience the students will be improving vital negotiation, debate and research schools all while expanding their network in the California region.

The issue is, we need your help. This is USC’s first-ever intercollegiate Model UN competition, and we want to make sure it’s done right. That includes an educational guest speaker, venue and catering costs and more. We want to portray USC positively in the international relations and globalised world communities, and with your help we’re sure we can do that.



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