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Music for Meso

Music for Meso Photo
Music for Meso Photo
Music for Meso Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Aug 20, 2016

Register now for the first Annual Music for Meso event taking place August 20, 2016 from 2pm-6pm at Sullivan's Ringside in Baton Rouge. With live music from:


Cold Grits

Toby Tomplay

Todd & Kim Unplugged

Pat-e and Ryan


Welcome to our 1st Annual Music for Meso event! For those of you who do not know, this fundraiser has been organized to honor and memorialize James Dunbar “Dun” Stockwell.  Dun’s journey began in November of 2012 when he went in for a routine physical. After having an x-ray doctor’s found that his left lung had collapsed unbeknownst to him. After being admitted into the hospital for a corrective procedure, further complications lead to three more surgeries within two weeks. Following his release, he continued to have fluid buildup in his lung which required draining every 6 months. By November of 2014 he was admitted again for excess fluid in the lung learning again that it had collapsed.  A biopsy was also taken at that time and pathology revealed Pleural Mesothelioma confirmed by the Mayo Clinic at Arizona. He started chemotherapy treatments in December 2014 and stopped in June 2015. Dun’s battle with Mesothelioma came to an end in August 2015.  


Dun’s love for music is the reason we chose to host a Music for Meso event. Our goal is to raise awareness to those who have never heard of Mesothelioma, while taking strides to find a cure! Please help support our event by participating or donating.  All proceeds will be donated to the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. We are continuously thankful for the support we have been given and look forward to a successful event!