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Musicians in Action Guild

Using The Way To Happiness common sense moral code to enhance performing artists lives and work. Tax ID 45-3503198


The Guild is composed of musicians, music and film producers, and performing artists.  We hold that to bring about a more lasting culture we as leaders in many respects,  as capable artists have in our hands the responsibility to not only set a good example morally but to also guide and encourage those that come after us to seek the highest levels of mastery of their instrument or voice.  We educate and we provide a place where artists can perform in an environment that will boost their efforts to attain professional level work and perfomance.  This is why we are a charitable organization and this is why we have adopted THE WAY TO HAPPINESS: 21 precepts, without which many artists are adrift morally and not capable of solving the problems they need to to attain their true goals as artists.

Some of the key precepts we stress with artists are:

17-1. Look See what you see, not what someone tells you that you see.  (Continues)

17.2 Learn ...Separating the false from the true brings about understanding. (Continues)

17-3 Practice Learning bears fruit when it is applied.  Wisdom, of course can be pursued for its own sake: there is even a kind of beauty in it.  But, truth told, one never really knows if he is wise or not until he sees the results of trying to apply it.

Prior to these precepts are the mandatory precepts which set the tone of the life of anyone, especially artists, who lead the culture forward with their new ideas and creativity.  And these key precepts are:

 9. Don't Do Anything Illegal

11. Do Not Harm a Person Of Good Will

15. Fufill Your Obligations.

16. Be Industrious.

21 precepts total toward attaining one's goals and therefore happiness.