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Music Mends Minds Inc

Music Mends Minds, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that supports the minds and spirits of people afflicted by neurodegenerative diseases. We target seniors with Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's, as well as those with traumatic brain injury, stroke and PTSD to create musical support group bands and use MUSIC AS MEDICINE FOR THE MIND. Tax ID 47-1493332


Research shows that music memory, in these patients, is maintained throughout their disease process. This ongoing ability to create music allows our seniors to relive past memories, increase their self-worth and confidence, and even reestablish their identity. They feel whole and healthy again in the midst of making music.

Our vision is to build musical support group bands in an effort to use music as “medicine for the mind,” while creating joyful social networks crucial to our members’ wellbeing. Our organization is three and a half years old and we are growing exponentially. We have recently launched a total of 11 active bands worldwide including our Los Angeles-based flagship band, "The 5th Dementia" and the "Band of Heroes" at the Los Angeles Veterans Affairs campus. We have 9 additional bands in the making. Our mission includes an intergenerational component, which invites young musicians to make music with our seniors. This fosters a valuable relationship of mutual empowerment and enjoyment.

As our population ages, we are facing a pandemic of seniors with neurological diseases including dementia. This escalates our healthcare costs dramatically. Music Mends Minds is at the forefront of providing a unique and novel service, helping our musicians and singers age in place (able to remain at home with their loved ones), while research continues to prove the power of music as "medicine for the mind."