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EVENT DATE: Mar 09, 2012

Anthony Genovese


Joseph Genovese wrote -

Since January 2012 I have been volunteering at the School on Wheels Program ( in downtown Los Angeles. Helping, tutoring, and mentoring homeless children. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, it is very gratifying. School on Wheels has an amazing staff that picks the children up from the bus after school, walks them to the program, feeds, tutors, and guides them. The kids then get gym time, then back to their shelter each day where most of them live.

What I am looking to do is, start a MUSIC drive. A lot of these children, ranging from 5-15 have a love and passion for music. I know myself, having music in my life saved me from many demons in the street. It gave me a reason to dream, to look past the problems as a child growing up with a single mother and no father figure around. Music kept me sane.

So in saying that, I want to give these children a chance to find a talent they might never know they have. These kids have it tough already, being homeless and just focusing each day is a daily task.

So I ask all of you to donate money or even any old music equipment, that would really help as well. It can be as small as a microphone or as big as a piano. This is something I will personally be involved in, your help is greatly appreciated.

Any questions please contact me, thank you.


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