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Muskegon Social Justice Commission Inc

The Social Justice Commission is a non-profit charitable 501c corporation with the mission statement of 1)Providing Social Leadership in Coordinating Community Action; 2) Fostering an environment of non-violence and opportunity for the entire community and in particular the youth; 3)Providing education both formal and informal as the foundation to increase hope. All members and participants are 100% volunteer.


The Social Justice Commission currently has an 8 part action plan that is designed to effectively engage our youth and reduce violent crime. 

Step 1 is our truancy enforcement program called “Operation Graduation.”  Kids and their parents are given a chance to avoid criminal charges by staying in school.  

Step 2 of our action plan is the “Safe Nights” curfew enforcement program.  Kids that are found out past curfew are given a chance to avoid charges, fines and probation if they and their parents will prove that they can stay out of trouble and involve themselves in at least one positive activity.  

Step 3 is our Summer Recreational Program for the youth. 

Step 4 is our “Buddy Bucks program” to build positive relationships between law enforcement officers and our kids. 

Step 5 is our juvenile diversion program that is designed to give first time offenders who are non-violent a second chance. 

Step 6 is to listen and continue to dialogue with the community.  

Step 7 is the Muskegon wide prayer initiative organized by Pastor Tim Cross of the Living Word Church and the Muskegon Area Pastors.  

Step 8 is the Michigan Youth Leadership Academy: A Program for 14 and 15 year olds from Muskegon and Muskegon Heights.  Students spend 5 days at the Michigan State Police Training Academy in Lansing where students experience physical activity, military drill, water safety, nutrition, alcohol and drug awareness, gang awareness, domestic violence awareness, first aid, leadership, public speaking, and other team and character building exercises.