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My name is Bryan Thomas and I reside in Muskoka, Ontario. Having recently battled and beaten depression, and having not previously known anything about it, I was quite baffled when diagnosed...after having been misdiagnosed over a 4 year span. I didn't think it was humanly possible that happy old me could ever be battling depression.

It was at that point that I started digging around doing research, and found that I was not alone...

It turns out that depression is among the leading illnesses in the world, and a LOT of people never seek proper help for depression. Most don't even realize it is depression. It comes in so many different shades, and each case is truly different.

I'm hoping to change that...

I want to shed some light within central Ontario schools and businesses on the effects of depression, from a first hand view. Tell my story. Explain where I was, What happened, What I did, and where I am now, as well as the treatment, recovery and effects it had on my family and friends.

I'm hoping to get my not-for-profit up and running in the next few months, focusing on the 14-30 year old demographic of depression and anxiety disorders.

In the meantime, I'm setting up this charity to collect money for CAMH, The centre for addictions and mental health here in Canada.

If it wasn't for them, I don't know where I'd be right now.

Their staff was amazing, and I really feel a world of debt and gratitude. They not only saved my life, but also renewed my will to live.

And through this all... I seem to have found my lifes calling. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... and I'm living proof.

Please, Spread the word. Donate whatever you can. Every cent helps. In the meantime I will post links, inspirational stories of recovery, as well as important announcements from CAMH and the mental health community as a whole.

Thank you for reading :)



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