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My Connect Community

Every child and adult in Sharpstown/Gulfton will lead a healthy, prosperous life in a safe and vibrant neighborhood, in which residents choose to live, learn, work, worship and play. Tax ID 81-1424233


We are Connect Community. A collaborative formed with the idea that if we are to solve for poverty, building great schools is not enough. We must build great communities to support them. Connect Community was born through the realization that as individuals and communities, we do not live siloed lives. We look at the big picture and think of how, together, we can solve community concerns holistically. Because, if there is one thing we have learned, you can’t solve one part of the puzzle and assume that the rest will work out. This is especially true in a community like Gulfton & Sharpstown where most people are foreign born and are not even aware of how US systems and organizations work to know how to go about addressing all of their individual needs.

This is why we exist. Connect Community’s role is to look at the whole picture. To assess all of the needs of a community by developing relationships and community leaders, identifying the gaps and finding ways to fill them through strategic partnerships.