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Hi, I'm Emily and I'm 13 years old. my mom is turning 56 this july and she was diagnosed with bone sarcome cancer 1 year ago today. my mom has always wanted to go visit hiller lake in Western Australia because she has always loved the color pink because my grandma suffered from brest cancer and pink was always the color in our family. my mom is a stay home mom and she doesn't go out & do anything, after the doctor diagnosed her with this rare disease called "Accessory deep peroneal nerve" also known as 'ADPN" where it makes her hard to walk. after she had found out she had cancer & had ADPN she felt hopeless and went into a serve depression, sometimes it was so bad that she couldn't even pick me up from school and i had to take a ride from my friend home. about 3 months past and my mom gets a really bad stomach flu and has to go to the hospital, we all hoped & prayed that it wasn't some type of stomach cancer or something else. but we found out she has norovirus and they decided to keep her overnight because she was throwing up blood. it got worse and they kept watching how she was and to see if she got better and they ended up keeping her for 1 month. my mom was all better & healthy, she was working out eating right & was feelingsbetter then ever she said. then her cancer hit her for the worst, these last couple weeks have been the worst and her boyfriend committed suicide, and then our dog stormy died. I feel like my mom has been threw enough and needs a break because i don't know how much longer she has.. anything helps. and godbless everyone. thank you for taking the time out your day and ready this.



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