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My Universal Income Proyect

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Hi there. My name is Paulo and I’m a Psychology graduate with a Master Degree in Neuroscience. Like many people pursuing their interests, I’m aspiring to become a full academic and do research in Neuroscience. I’m also a keen writer and I’m currently working on a book about several philosophical and neuroscience issues such as ethics and consciousness, having also plenty of notes for two more books. However, both objectives have been very difficult to pursue, my book has been delayed for months now since time is scarce to invest on it and my Neuroscience Projects are far away in my horizon at the moment. I currently live in South America where the academy and innovation is not propelled by sufficient founds due to the economic context where we live in. This makes it very difficult to earn a living working as an academic and my current jobs as assistant professor and editorial manager do not provide me with enough money to cover my living costs, and even now after dedicating so many years to university education (having won a scholarship in between), I still depend on my family’s support to get by every month. One path that many people take is to leave the country and go to Europe or North America, for example, where possibilities are far greater, however I do not wish to continue that road. Despite the context, I have a great sense of community, and I believe that without people taking risks our country and our whole region will never rise up to become prosperous, freer and overall better for living a decent and meaningful life. That is the way I want to contribute here and helps things get to a better place, no matter how small the contribution might be. A lot of more projects I have in mind, but in order to make them happen, it will take some considerable time to become financially independent enough within my field to allow me to invest time in those projects. For some time now I have meditated a lot about the need, viability and consequences of the existence of an Unconditional Universal Basic Income in our societies, because this could be a key factor that would allow many people in similar circumstances, such as mine, to speed up the process of getting to that desired point in their lives or essentially allow their possibilities to become true altogether. However, faithful to my principles and ethics, I do not believe this should be imposed by force or through coercion by means of government regulations. I believe in a free society of mutual agreement and respect, and I put might faith and confidence on human resourcefulness that will make it possible for such universal income to exist by means of cooperation and voluntary giving. If it happens that this idea is truly the answer and indeed viable and affordable by our economies, then we should celebrate another great step forward, if it is not the case, then we have to accept it, as that is the way of reality. So this is a universal basic income project, I know other people have try it, some succeed some did not. The idea is being analyzed more globally by different organizations and some countries are doing it too. Mine is a personal Project. The idea is to collect enough funds to use them as a basic income for the purposes mentioned above. Nowadays, to get by where I live a person needs roughly 15,000 USD year (1250 USD a month). In order to maximize the probabilities of receiving such funds and reach a wider community I might post this on other crowdsourcing platforms. Any help is welcomed, one or two dollars is more than enough if many people give. You are welcome to offer as much as you want or think is reasonable. If the goal is reached, I will create a web or blog where I will post my results and experiences, offered as a way of showing, in my case, whether this has had a significant impact or not in bringing to life my aspirations. My sincere gratitude to anyone who believes in this project, and also to those who might not, we will all learn together in the end about this exciting life experiment. Thank you! : )



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