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Patricia and Riley Harrington's Fundraiser:

My 1 year Crowdrise anniversary & Riley's "gotcha day" project

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August 01, 2011

it's Riley's birthday month! he would like to the tigers as like likes kitties a lot :)  See more
Patricia and Riley Harrington


It's the summer, it's hot. And tigers need our help. I have been on Crowdrise for 1 year as of 7/18. I've met so many awesome people with truly amazing projects. I have been able to help many charities, as well as receive help for my own projects. The tigers remain near and dear to my heart. This is how I may help them, as many of my other projects are local to me. I an able to give of my time. These tigers and other animals are unable to live in the wild for a variety of reasons. The Top of the Rock Sanctuary provides them with a place to thrive safely for the rest of their lives. They do not have any big celebrities helping them (unless you count Patrick). They get funds from people like you and me, people who care about animals and wish to help. I care about animals a lot. I raised my daughter to love animals. She is entering her 2nd year of vet school, with the goal of helping wildlife. I also rescued my beloved Riley 3 years ago. We are dedicating the celebration of this event to helping the tigers. Please check out the National Wildlife Humane Society, and the truly inspiring things they do. And please give what you can to help the animals.


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