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My Birthday Wish is to help - Ark of Hope for Children

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My Birthday is July 9th and my birthday wish is to raise some funds to help Ark of Hope build the Harbourage Safe Homes. Since I am going to be 46, I chose the dollar amount of $4,600 as our goal. Let's do it !!

Ark of Hope for Children brings awareness of and provides care for victims of child abuse, child sex trafficking and bullying. Ark of Hope focuses on care, habilitation and life transformation to help victims become empowered survivors. When loving people stand in the gap with sacrificial and unconditional love, the trajectory of shattered lives can change forever. Through Ark of Hope programs we encourage local, church, state and international mobilization on behalf of these needful children. 

RemovingChains.org is our new live chat victim to survivor support website. It provides online coaching, mentoring and counsel to abused, trafficked and bullied children and adults worldwide Removing Chains is now the hub where we provide listening and support internationally including countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil and other South American countries. We equip, train and mobilize online Survivors Coaches, volunteer mentors and college interns through our Chain Breakers program.

Ark of Hope's Harbourage Safe Homes will be safe harbor homes for child trafficking victims that were rescued from their captors. Victims of child sex trafficking need the specialized environment we have planned for healing, transformation and redirection of their lives. In our custom designed living. Harbourage will help victimized male and female trafficking victims from birth to 25+ year’s old transition to successful, independent adulthood.

Ark of Hope for Children is taking the lead in our Don’t Stand Alone – Stop Bullying collaborative effort with three other nonprofit, victim focused organizations to stop peer abuse (bullying). “Don’t Stand Alone” school assemblies will challenge students, school staff, teachers, parents and community leaders to bring lasting change to their own school and district. Ark of Hope for Children and the other organizations will mentor and assist targets of bullying through a Don’t Stand Alone live chat room on our RemovingChains.org website. One of our partners will offer long term training for schools willing to commit time and resources towards long term solutions. 






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