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My body as evidence

Organized by: b.e.Shazia McGarrell

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My story tells the ordeal on my FACEBOOK page b.e. Shazia McGarrell 

I have been "ignored" and still suffering many indignities as a result of a campaign of an egregious, "cover up" since 2007.  My goals are multifascited for seeking financial support through this fundraising platform. First, I am in great need of a "brave" and, a "trusworthy" doctor and attorney to thoroughly investigate, medically and in a TANGIBLE, legal/evidence based documenting, THE  proof to my claimed, plight. My plight being that, I have been "MEDICALLY RAPED." Something happened to me without my consent, in 2007, when I entered a Medical facility in Brooklyn, New York, for a private, simple procedure-an abscessed under arm ingrown hair. After my surgery, when a relative came to pick me up, I could not be located for about 5 hours. Since, then that relative has severed all contact with me. Since then, it is ONLY when I am in my apartment do I experience horrific, pain and walking difficulty in my lower extremeties, and face pain  which, I describe as "SHOCK JOLTS." I am a resident in a rent stabilized, apartment, in Harlem, New York since 2004. After my surgery ordeal, I had been suddenly, refused a lease renewal by the new owners/management of my abode (2006); "hunted" by members of the New York City Police Department; "remotely assaulted" stalked, and harassed by occupants in adjacent apartments; stalked by strangers, who, as evidenced on my home, security camera, can be seen casing my apartment door, among other egregioius actions. Many other egregious infractions have been forced on me, including but not limited to me being "KIDNAPPED" out of my abode, door broken into, while asleep in the early morning, in the company of building owner/management, government agency staff, and NYPD/FDNY/EMS personnel. One, horrific experience, occured after I filed the initial papers for a "Notice of Claim" to begin a lawsuit against the N.Y.P.D. for their Breaches of Service, for the redundant, "hunting" tactics over the years since 2006.  In addition, as the only Muslim tenant, in a privately owned, 33 unit property in Harlem, New York, there has been a "building up" of false claims, and the "False Flag" war tactic, to bring "shame to my face" and difficulities in ALL of my relationships. The results of my, many ordeals were that I was prevented, access to my home for a proloneg period of time: and other occasions, my electronic door key turned off, prevented access into the building, late at night, particularly, during the month of Ramadan ( more than 3 times.) To date no crime has been filed against me; no arrest made; but "hand cuffed in my home; no eviction, no "constructive eviction;"  no conversation or response by "the hunters" inspite of all of my efforts to take "REASONABLE MEASURES" to discuss the "campaigns" to discredit, demean, reputation damage, and make me into someone/"thing" I am not. All of this, in a conserted effort to forceably, and illegally, retrieve a RENT STABILIZED HARLEM, NEW YORK APARTMENT without a CONVERSATION. Harlem, NY being subjected to being a place, with a "pace of relentless construction", and gentrification.  A place where condominiums, not apartments/affordable or not, are being constructed, rapidly. A place where a person, with a career, loses it; and families who, once enjoyed simple pleasures of a summer holiday or extra housewhole amenities are on the food pantry lines. I am one of the aforementioned, who is motivated by my man-made "plight."

 When I loss my teaching position as an adjunct professor in 2010, without an exit interview, and forced into "artificial poverty" I became more passionate about the suffering of others, who are different, but similar to me.With the use of pantry food items I have been "creating", "elegant", "beautiful" and "healthy" prepared 3 to 4 course meals. In addition, I have been bagging/open table presentation of food, fruits, vegetables and can items in a "grocery style" distribution.  Many, donated toiletries and gently used clothes, are also given to hundreds of Muslims and non Muslims, dozens on a weekly basic, with the use of my shopping cart. I love, love, love to create meals, cook and serve!!! Secondly, I would add, that though I do not have a charity, status, with a 501(c)3, my intention is to use a portion of the potential funds to purchase a used van, (make it road ready) in order to pick up more donations, from  food pantries and other private agencies, which I have developed a kind, respectful, supportive and professional relationship over the years. The van will also allow better mobility as how I am being "artificially forced" into some form of "incapacity" and suffer with pain in my lower extremities. I am not an "incapacitated" person. Thirdly, some funds will also be used, in sha Allah (God willing) for the purchase of metro cards to be given to those, forced to walk long distances, or not venture out, and remain homebound. I can relate, having had and still have some moments of experiencing, not having transportation funds, as how I do not have a regular, source of income, beyond some, infrequent, writing consultancies. I have also been depending on the generosity of others in this 8 years plus nightmare. Part of the problem has been that all my career efforts have been blocked, calls diverted, job offers blocked etc., because of the greed and "guilt" of the real estate moguls with the constant assistance from their networks attempting to permanently cover-up the criminality of their horrific crime(s) against me (only God knows whom ever else). The support by officials, who have become complicit, officials, who took an oath to protect and serve with "Courtesy" "Professionalism" and "Respect." With the confirmation by a brave/trustworthy doctor and attorney on my side, with verification, of the illegal /criminal, action, that took place in the 2007 procedure, and beyond I will be free to reinvent my career. A reinvented, career, which I look forward to identifying, and nurturing more positive, viable networks to build my charitable efforts, beyond a shopping cart. It needs mention, that the need for food and sundry items, continues to grow in all communities. Thank you in advance for allowing me to refurbish my life, as a change agent, with-out physical pain, and shame, and to help to transform it into a life of "significance" "action" and "effectiveness" in the service of others, a most kind and loving action. A service, that can thrive only with the support of others, in the interest of others.


Organized by

b.e.Shazia McGarrell

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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