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Hi, my name is Niranjala and I was first diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer on 20th February, 2012. I decided to fight hard in my battle against cancer. I underwent several months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I also underwent 4 internal radiation procedures. I was declared cured after a few months, but the healing process had been extremely painful and I was vomiting constantly. However, I kept hoping the cancer would recede and I would fully recover. But then in June 2012, I noticed my lymph nodes were swelling. I took some further tests, and the results were devastating. The cancer had spread to my chest and neck and even my bones. Unfortunately, the treatment I had undergone previously had barely worked at all. The cancer is still spreading throughout my body. I know I will not recover as the cancer has affected my blood and bones, and I am now diagnosed as being in stage 4. My health is deteriorating every day. I can literally feel the cancer spreading throughout my body and the tumors growing. I will have to start chemotherapy again. Although I am still hopeful, I know this is my destiny. I have two children, who have been so sweet during this difficult time, which has been so hard for all my family. I am hoping that through this site I can raise some money to help my family buy things we cannot afford. The more my health worsens, the more expensive the treatment becomes. God bless you, and thank you for your time. A message to all women - please keep in mind that the ‘female’ checkup must be done twice a year. Although it may seem a hassle, I can assure you it is extremely useful. If you have any questions, or want more information, you can always obtain a second opinion! Once again, thank you.



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