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My name is Sid and this is my story.  

About six months ago, I was rushed into an ER with multiple symptoms. After a battery of tests, lab work and scans, the doctors broke the bad news to me and my wife - both my kidneys were gone and that I had to be put on dialysis immediately. The cause, they suspected, was a disease called Focal sclerosis of kidneys. In simple terms, it meant that my own body attacked itself and completely destroyed this key organ.  

If the world had shattered for me and my wife, for our 5 year old daugehter it was even more traumatic. A very long and painful journey had just begun for the 3 of us; and there was no rainbow to be seen at the end of the road.   For the next 3 weeks my body would be scanned and examined by all possible tools available. I was being evaluated for a transplant. Slowly but certainly reality dawned upon us. This was really happenning. REALLY. Practical concerns slowly replaced the fear.

The situation was pretty bad and the mounting expenses gave us a clear indication of what is to come.I was put on immediate dialysis which was to be continued for 3 times a week for 4-5 hours. I had to alter my lifestyle and work schedule to accomodate the countless visits to different doctors. That resulted in taking a hit on my income and a big one at that. I was lucky that I did not lose my job. It was not just emotionaly wrecking, but financially as well.  

I need a transplant. That much is assured. If I do not get transplanted, chances are that I will die on dialysis within the next 5 years. That is a statiscal fact. As of date we have complied with all the requirements that is needed so that I can be considered as a candidate for Transplant. Currently, I am listed as an active transplant candidate at hospitals in NY and NJ.  

While I am waiting for a kidney, transplant is a phenomenaly expensive procedure. Up until now, we have managed to pull on somehow. We have exhausted a good chunk of our savings in meeting the current out of pocket medical expenses. Just to give an example of what I am talking about, my dialysis alone costs approximately $10,000 per month, of which I have to pay $2000 (or 20%). Then there are medicines, which cost me $1500 to $1700 per month. Add to that the expenses incured in doctor visits and lab work etc.  

Long stroy short, I am financialy in a terrible squeeze. I am the principal bread earner of the family. My wife works, but her income is not enough to support us, especially with this kind of medical cost. Now I need to procure the money that will help pay my out of pocket medical expenses after I have been transplanted. And that amount is $100,000. After paying my current medical expenses, I will have no money left to pay this amount.  

Sometimes I feel I would be better off by being dead. Then, I look at my 5 year old and my wife....  I want to live - not for me but for my 5yr. old and my wife... I want to live for them.   So, here I am. I have my back against the wall and I need your help. Any amount you can donate to help me raise this money will be deeply, DEEPLY appreciated. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE help me so that I can get a second chance at life.  

"$100,000??!!! That is a lot of money......!!!" - you ask. Yes, it is. And here is why:  

The complete recuperation time from a kidney transpplant is approximately 12 - 14 months. During this period the primary cost is the cost of medicines. These are speciality medicines which are designed to prevent the body from rejecting the implanted organ and to prevent the transplant from failing. The total out of pocket cost of such medicines is approximately $80,000.   

After being transplanted and discharged from the hospital, one has to be seen pretty much daily by the transplant physician for the first 90-120 days and there after one or twice a month for the next 90 days. After that, it turns into a schedule checkup every 45 - 60 days. Each such visit will entail a full battery of labwork. The out of pocket cost for that is estimated to be approximately $10,000 a year.

Since I am required to visit the hospital almost daily during the first 90 days, it will require me to relocate to a place which is very very close to the hospital. The cost for such a stay is expected to be approximately $1600 - $1700 per month (or $5000 for the entire stay).  

Also during the first 90 days, it is advised to availe of an ambulance or  a similar ride to come and go from the hospital. That cost is estimated to be another $5000.  

The Impact:

Words fall short in trying to explain the impact your donation will make. Simply put, you have the power in your hands to stop me from dying. You have the power to prevent a todler from becoming an orphan. You have the power to save a family from being crushed, burnt and wiped out. You have the power to give me a second chance...   

We live in a difficult time and all of us face the brunt of it; feel the pinch. But still, I stand before you knowing that you will stand by me in this difficult time. As my mother says, “You give back, you don’t give up."  

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