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My First Time Ever Asking For Help..

Organized by: Spencer Simmons

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Hello everyone on the Crowdrise community, my name is Spencer. I am not one to ask for help because I have grown up my entire life trying to make everything possible on my own.. no matter how tough the situation gets, I always try to find a solution. But I have bitten off more than I can chew on this one and have finally hit my lowest of lows to the point where I am unsure where to go for help. My issue is that almost a year ago when I was in college, I was receiving Ch. 35 VA Benefits for going to college and getting rides from family until I saved up enough to make a down payment for my own car. After I had saved a few thousand dollars, I purchased a 2007 Dodge Caliber from the local dealership since it is all wheel drive and weather around here can get a bit tricky in Virginia during winter months, so I tried buying accordingly to fit weather needs. The car payment every month is $318 and full coverage is around the ballpark of $127 a month on top of that. College has become more and more expensive as semesters have gotten more advanced in classes and benefits aren't enough to cover everything anymore, so I had to take some time away from classes until I can afford it. I have gotten a job working in a Dollar General that pays 7.25/hr and am only getting 13-15 hours a week (finding work is very slim picking here). Which is now barely enough, if none at all to cover what I am needing to pay on the vehicle and stay afloat with a roof over my head. I have been engaged to my amazing fiancé for close to a year now, and her parents have been gracious enough to let me live with them until I get my life back on track. I have been submitting applications near every single day to places where I should be a shoe-in, and even to places I may not even have a chance working just because I am so desperate at this point to find a job that can place me back on my feet, and not living a paycheck to paycheck life because it is so stressful right now. I have asked for $700 dollars only because it is 2 car payments and would hopefully give me ample time to find another job that is a little higher paying, or at least one that is full time.. It would be a life saver to me if I could contribute a little financially to my fiancés family so they don't consider me a burden, and save up a little bit of money so I can go back to college come January. Losing this car would be the end for me, because I wouldn't be able to make it to work, or class when time comes, or prospective job opportunities because they only have one usable car here that is used constantly and I have no other friends or family in this state that could take me anywhere like they used to. I know there are alot of many deserving people on this site that could use money more than I, who have life threatening issues, or have lost something very dear to them, and I am just another person asking for help, but those who don't ask, very well might not receive. Any help would be the most amazing thing I could ask for, and I extend my deepest thanks to any and all who may even just have read all of this. Thank you very much everybody for taking the time out of the day for me and hearing my problem. :')


Organized by

Spencer Simmons

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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