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My husband is 35 and he is not ready to give up, he had a horrible injury to his right foot, his ankle is destroyed and part of his heal is injured kinda bad as well, on the bottom right hand side he has some bones that are trying to pertude out of the side. The pain is horrible he can't walk or stand on it for very long at a time, some days he can not put any pressure on it, and some days he can not get a sock on his foot let alone a shoe. He has no income coming in at all, we have tried asking for state medical assistance and were denied because we do not have any children in the home under the age of 19. But they did give him $45 per month in food assistance, and everyone knows that $45 does not feed you for a month. I work at a convenient store which barely pays our rent let alone our other bills. I recently signed up for medical insurance where I work, and we were excited thinking he would finally get his surgery. So his primary care doctor referred us to a ortho doctor and we went to sèe him on 1-20-16, he seen some dying bone on the x-rays but was confident with multiple surgerys he could help him with taking alot of his pain away and eventually get it to where he could get back to work welding. So the doctor scheduled a CT, MRI, and a nerve test for 2-1-16, and see him at the end of that day when the test were complete and schedule a surgery because he told us after all the tests on 2-1-16 he could operate with in a couple of weeks, we were so excited until we got a call yesterday 1-25-16, we knew we would surely have to pay a deductible but hoping we could make payments on it. Well they contacted our insurance I just recently got and said we would have to pay $3,699 for the CT & MRI. That our wonderful insurance will only pay $200 on the tests, now that's not including the nerve test. They take $150 out of each check at work for this insurance for my husband and I, and I get paid every two weeks, that's $300 a month for nothing, they will pay, $200 on CT &A MRI combined, and nothing on the surgery because it's preexisting. It does not even pay for any prescriptions, we do not have a dime left in savings. We are both so stressed and depressed because we have done everything we were told to do, went through all the proper channels, and nothing. We could understand it more if we were just looking for a hand out and just sitting around waiting on someone to do everything for us, which is not the case I work everyday I possibly can at the convenient store hoping the insurance that's taking half of me check every two weeks would do what we were lead to belive it would do. His prescriptions are around $340 each month, and like I said we are not looking for a hand out we are looking for a hand up, even with the the recent bad news yesterday he still has not given up on his goals and dreams. His goal is to get his surgery so he can get back to work welding, he is good at welding and running crews, he loves welding and building things, and seeing how things work, and his dream is to one day have his own welding repair company and maybe incorporate a small industrial maintenance company in with it someday. He has not given up he still is confident that one day he will reach his goal and when that happens he says the dream is bound to follow. With everything that has happened and continuing to happen he still has a positive out look he says everyday that there is still good in the world and it will all come together some how. So if anyone can help we would be greatful, and if you can't help us with funding please do a act of kindness for someone you encounter, opening a door for someone, even helping a elderly person put groceries in the car, and another great act of kindness that helps make this country great is if you see a veteran in public please thank them for what they have done for our country and doing it in public might inspire another to do the same. That's what my husband wanted me to make sure I put in this note, not to feel bad if you can't help us, just look around and you can do something for someone just about anywhere, at anytime of the day a random act of kindness can mean more to someone than you can ever know, that person you helped or said nice words to could have or be deeply depressed and what you said or did could bring them back from a dark place at that time. You never know. Just be good to one another. Thank you for reading our story we feel bad for even having to ask for help, but my wife and I have only each other and her adopted father and he can only help so much. Our phone number is 785-405-0131. We will be greatful for any help we can get. Thank you so very much


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