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Sharing the Love of Christ with Chicagoland's Children in Need Tax ID 32-0118912


My Joyful Heart is a unique charity that provides personalized assistance and encouragement for Chicago area and suburban children in need. As a faith-based organization, we endeavor to be a positive influence to these children in need by remembering them with basic life essentials, school supplies, clothing, toys and encouragement throughout each year until their situation improves or they move from the area.

My Joyful Heart provides the little things that may often be missing in the life of a child in need.  By providing these gift packages regularly throughout the year we extend love and hope to these children, making them feel special and letting them know that people do care. Local, disadvantaged, high-risk children are given gift packages of essentials throughout the year, not just at Christmas. We are not a one-size-fits-all organization – gifts are specifically selected for each individual child.

My Joyful Heart works in tandem with the Chicago Public Schools and other school districts to enroll needy children; the children who are coming to school without a jacket in the winter, the children who do not have proper shoes or clothing that fits, the children in need of hygiene and especially the children in need of encouragement and hope. We work closely with the school systems to ensure gifts are given to the children in our program and that he/she knows that someone cares. All this is made possible through sponsorships, donations, grants, fundraising and corporate support.

My Joyful Heart continually strives to help local children as best we can. What we do is...Bring Hope.