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Raising Money For my 6yr olds Service Dog

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Let me start by telling you about my amazing son. My son, Myles, is 6 years old, is epileptic and had factor V (which is a blood clotting disorder). He is current in Kindergarten at Burcham Elementary in Weatherford, OK. He loves to participate in any sport possible for flag football to wrestling to soccer. His heart is bigger than he is. He loves animals and has an amazing ability to comfort them. He talks about one day become a race car driver.
I am writing to you in hopes of getting some help. He has had seizures for some time now. He had his first Grand Mal seizure when he was 8 months old. Unfortunately, this was nothing new to us because my daughter also had seizures from 6 weeks old to about 2 years old when she out grew them. The doctors told us this would probably be the same for our son. After 2 years of hospitalizations and doctors’ visits, they slowly weaned him off his medication and we thought he was seizures free. We were all so excited. Then about 6-8 months later I notice Myles was having speech issues. We took him back to the neurologist and they ran a bunch of tests. You can’t even begin to imagine the disappointment when we got the results. It turns out that he was still having seizures, roughly 20 an hour. So we went back to more hospitalizations, surgeries, doctors’ visits, blood drawing and medication. During this time period we also found out our daughter also had medical conditions herself that made it so we were living in the hospital. On top of all that I, myself, had been fighting cancer. So you can imagine the amount of time my husband and I spent running from doctor to hospital to doctor. Not to mention the amount of money we spend yearly to keep up with our doctors’ bills.
Well recently, our doctor recommended that we get our son a service dog to help him. The dog is called a seizure assistance dog. He is supposed to help Myles become independent and interact with other people, helping him be less isolated with his disability. The dog will also be able to provide emotional support to my son in medical environments. Seizure medications often cause behavioral issues too, and the seizure assistance dog is trained in behavior intervention0 where the parents have commands to send the dog in to interact with the child. And just as important, he will be safe from prolonged seizures in his sleep—a risk that keeps us as parents awake through many nights. Also, and this is a HUGE ALSO, the dog is supposed to alert Myles or myself of a seizure. There is a chemical change that happens in the body that some dogs can smell or sense and give the person an alert to warn that a seizure is about to happen.
So we are excited about this new option for Myles. It will cost 4 Paws $22,000 to place a dog with Myles Soporito. We are committed to raising $13,000 in support of the 4 Paws mission and can reach our goal with your help. We are hoping that maybe your family can help our family in this process. There are many ways you can help from a tax-deductible donation, helping fundraise, or just helping getting our story out there.



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