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Refurbish Sakubva Library

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Sakubva library has been in existence since 1970s and has served the Sakubva community which has residents of now over 65 000.From the period of 1970 to 2005 the library provided its services to the ten schools in Sakubva (both secondary and primary)In conjunction with the Ministry of Education,reading programmes were initiated for students and time was allocated to such programmes.This gave the students time to read and get new information thereby allowing them to learn.The books kept them occupied and as they read more their thirst for knowledge increased.From the group of students who frequented the library we got our lawyers,doctors,managers,directors,poets, writers,teachers,nurses, engineers and scientists.From 2005 things took a downshift as the school syllabus changed and the books that were available were now irrelevant to the school system.The local authorities who are supposed to buy the new books cannot currently undertake this activity as they are out of funds.This saw a drop in the number of people who frequented the library.Children began to spend more time on the streets engaging in petty crimes or idling.This also led to an increase in crime,rape,drug use and peddling as well as an increase in school drop out.The Marange diamond and the ailing Zimbabwean economy were also major drivers to this negative attitude towards reading and learning in general.
A current visit to the Sakubva library made by Resa recently revealed that an average of 7-9 people visit the library every day but most of them bring their own books to read.The library has yawning shelves as most of the books have either been destroyed,stolen or simply taken off the shelf.The building itself needs repairs as most of the ceiling has fallen in.
The books on the shelves now are obsolete and outdated.There are virtually no books for A level and tertiary studies.The primary school books are outdated and do not serve any purpose at the moment.
As Resa we would like, with your support, to source new books for this library.We are currently busy working with the library staff to come up with initiatives that will entice children and students to come and read and thereby developing the culture of reading.



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