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I'm finally writing my book which I've been planning for a very long time. It's something that has become important to me after finding my father. Some chance events now give me a window of time to focus and put my thoughts and words together and share them in what will be my first book.

Several years ago, after a conversation with my mother, I felt empowered to find my father who disappeared 19 years before. I later learned he was in a state run facility where he was in the late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. Though I was able to see him, my father died two months later and I was left with questions that would remained unanswered.

Having been in the medical field most of my life, it is apparent to me that because of the hereditary nature of my father’s illness, it is fairly probable I may be dealt with the same future as his past. This lead me to question, if I were to be blessed with my own children, would I have the opportunity to impart my knowledge and my experiences to them, or would I leave them with questions and mystery of the person I am. I didn’t get to know my father, his advice in matters of life, his views on politics, his favorite football team, or even if he thought of such things.

This is what prompted me to want to write this book. Certainly, I could video tape or write letters of conversations to come and hope they wouldn’t find a permanent home in a box in some corner of an attic somewhere. With a book, my mind and the thoughts it held would stand a far better chance. The words I’d want to impart could be on the bookshelf or e-reader of my closest friends and family as well as strangers who may by chance find themselves engaged in conversation with them. The best parts of a father’s lessons to future generations would be found within closer reach than a lone box in an attic. “You’re father once said” would be a phrase they would become accustomed to...for better or for worse.

We all have something to learn, and we all have something to teach. Even if I didn’t have children, there will be a friend that asks, “how do I handle this?,”I don’t know what to do”, or a stranger that wonders, “am I alone in this?” We have times that feel like our struggle is a singular one and that simple answers may not come. We get so engaged with the daily routines of life, we forget the most important ones aren’t listed on a calendar or to-do list, that the most important phone call on any day is the one to say ‘Happy Birthday”, or “I didn’t forget about you”, and that the uncomfortable “I’m sorry” from your lips can bring the most immense comfort to someone’s ear.

Maybe something in this book will give someone else a glimpse of light that lets them know there is an answer, that someone before them may have held the same struggle, the same burning question or a missing link to some equation, or some purpose that they had. Sometimes that’s all we need to empower us to stand up and keep moving.

Honestly, I don't know how to ask or even if I'm doing this right. I just know that I feel compelled to do this now. I have an open window of time, and recent contact with an old friend, whose authored himself, and inspired me, that it's time. The funding will be used for a legal retainer, copywriter, printing and delivery for bookstore/ebook review, and publisher fees if I self publish. The book, when published, would also allow me to provide donation fund support to Alzheimer's research, as well as breast cancer research in support and memory of my mother too. Both causes which have since become much more important to me.

Any Star Trek fan will remember a line where Captain Picard says to counselor Troi "...”Recently, I've become aware that there are fewer days ahead than there are behind.” For me then, it is time...and so I ask, help me write my book, so that Before I Forget, I can share with future generations that which I learned from the generations that came before me.


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Martin Mendez

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